The problems with your rehab:

 The problems with typical rehabilitation:


  • Most health professionals have a business plan that relies on you coming back for ongoing treatment.

    • We’d rather you tell all your friends about how much better you feel (but if you really want to continue improving, we’ll have you back).

  • No education on what may have caused the issue initially.

    • We give you understanding on how the problem started to initiate a prevention plan.

  • No solutions for you to alleviate issues by yourself.

    • We show you how to quickly solve the problem should it arrive again.

  • No retraining of movement patterns to prevent issues in the future, only passive manipulation.

    • We show you how to move with quality to stop weaknesses causing injury.

  • Juggling up to 5 patients at a time, rather than focusing on you.

    • All sessions are 100% face to face. You get the attention you deserve

  • Not sure if exercise is the right treatment for you?

    • You can find detailed scientific research to support exercise as a treatment in almost all conditions

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