Reset your head.

It’s no secret that a clear, calm mind can help us operate on an optimum level, yet we rarely take the time out necessary to achieve this.


What’s holding us back?

  1. Anecdotally, it’s the perceived lack of time that’s the number 1 barrier for most people, but really if we’re honest,  we’re not working ‘smart’ enough, our focus isn’t strong enough and we’re filling our lives with distractions.

  2. Not dealing with stressors well enough. Here are some great tips for dealing well

  3. Not being conscious of achieving a decent balance in life. Assessing your day/week/month is a technique that not many of us use, but it really helps to identify what areas are lacking. The people who’ve got it made are the ones who can not only tick off relaxation but who also make time for positive relationships, challenges, being altruistic etc.


Distractions vs Relaxation

We want to believe that texting, using social media, playing video games, watching movies or bingeing  TV series has the same benefit as meditation but unfortunately, it comes nowhere near!

Here is why TV is a distraction and not relaxing


Need further motivation? 

Check out this NY Times article on improved performance and productivity in a relaxed mental state.

Lifehacker also have some fantastic info on how to really, really relax!

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