Answer these 3 questions to make successful change.

Gone are the days where you can use the “SMART” acronym to set goals. There are 3 really important questions you need to answer if you’re going to succeed at making changes.


Can you clearly identify the what and the why?
Does the thing you want to change even know that you’re coming for it? And do you really know why it needs to change? Get emotional, this has been holding you back for too long! Specifics are crucial. If you can’t describe it to a 5 year old, it’s not clear enough.


What will your ‘default future’ look like if you don’t make this change? 
Or better yet, what will it look like when you have completed your goal? See it, smell it, listen to the positive reactions, appreciate how much better your life is after the change.


How good is your team? 
We all know the best teams support each other towards a common goal. Even better teams aquire a coach to steer the group in the right direction. How many people are supporting you; helping you put the cigarette, pastry, wine down? Who’s there helping you get out of bed, asking how your gym session was? What expert is making sure you doing the right things at the right time?


I hope this helps you get the most out of 2016.


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