Fitness Free Zone

If the end goal is vanity, you’re not working on your health.

If you work hard enough on your health, you’ll look great and feel better.

For years the fitness industry has been getting it wrong whilst claiming to help the world. With certifications that take just 6 weeks, it’s insane that people trust them with their most valuable asset – their body. The industry has not made a dent in public health goals, they use non-scientific methods and use dishonest practices to boost profit. Most importantly, they rely on a business model that keeps you broken so you’ll return, time after time.

Exercise Physiologist’s are Allied Health ProfessionalsWe provide Exercise Prescriptions which improve peoples health. We treat exercise as a medicine, due it’s powerful effects and potentially harmful nature. We understand the entirety of your physiology and how the complex systems work within it. We value your long term health so will not sacrifice your body for short term “results.”