How it works


3 easy steps to a better you:



1. Get in touch to book in for a coffee, chat or assessment.


2. Attend the assessment. Don’t forget to bring your scans, referrals, goals and vision.


3. Get the Exercise Prescription and come back as often or as little as you need.




  • Who buys the coffee if I just want to find out more?

    • We do.

  • What’s involved in the assessment?

    • The 60 minute assessment helps us determine the health changes you want and need to make. There is a physical component to the assessment which involves biomechanical analysis to help us identify any musculoskeletal issues or imbalances.

  • What’s an Exercise Prescription?

    • Due to the numerous benefits and risks associated with Exercise, we treat it as a medicine. The better the practitioner (think 4 year degree Exercise Physiologist vs 6 week online certification Personal Trainer), the better the prescription they can give to you. The better the prescription, the less risk of injury and the faster you reach your goals.

  • Why don’t you lock people into contracts?

    • We provide a highly effective service that people want to come back for. Our current clients and patients understand their limitations and are confident in seeking our assistance at regular intervals or as they need.